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STUFFED is a spooky teddy bear first-person shooter where you defend your owner from waves of her nightmares. Play solo or join your friends in up to 4-player online co-op*.

*Please note multiplayer is currently only available on Steam.

Pawsome Features!

Fight Waves of Nightmares 
Defend your owner's bedroom door and defeat a variety of nightmares in endless waves. Earn points from defeating nightmares and use them to unlock new map areas and weapons.

Procedural Maps
Explore Ellie's house in a procedural map that changes each night!

Unique Weapons
From a popcorn grenade to a cola cannon, find and use unique weapons made from household objects.

Multiplayer Action
Team up with your friends to defeat nightmares with up to 4-player online co-op.
Please note multiplayer is currently only available on Steam.

Customise Your Bear
Use points to unlock new outfits and furs for your teddy bear. Mix and match outfits and furs to fully personalise them.


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